The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SEI) Minor exposes undergraduate students to an integrated approach to applying entrepreneurial principles, concepts, and tools to the world's biggest social problems. Open to all Notre Dame undergraduates; this customizable minor offers a practical and experiential approach to making the world a better place. Students will strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset as they develop innovative solutions to global issues such as poverty, clean water, human trafficking, racial and ethnic discrimination, domestic abuse, literacy, health care, etc.

The SEI Minor consists of 15 credit hours, including:

  • two cornerstone courses (6 hours)
  • two elective core courses (6 hours)
  • one capstone course (3 hours)

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In addition to the competency-based approach offered in the cornerstone, capstone, and several elective courses, students can build their own hands-on learning experience by choosing from various elective courses across campus and participating in experiential opportunities outside the classroom. Whatever your area of interest, the SEI Minor will give you the practical tools needed to be successful across the nonprofit, private, and government sectors.

If you want to learn more about the SEI Minor and would like to register for this program, please get in touch with Sarah Genz or book time through her google calendar. She will highlight the advantages of being an SEI Minor student, such as preferential consideration for Keough School scholarships, stipends, and access to events and other entrepreneurship and global development opportunities. In addition, we're developing an extracurricular culture centered around our learning outcomes through events, panels, workshops, networking, service, and more.  

Book a timeslot to meet with Advisor to Enroll in the SEI MInor.

The SEI Minor is jointly housed in the McKenna Center for Human Development & Global Business and the Pulte Institute for Global Development, both of which are part of the Keough School of Global Affairs. Faculty and staff within the McKenna Center and the Pulte Institute have extensive experience implementing projects, conducting scholarly and applied research, and teaching courses related to social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mckenna Center and Pulte Institute